Danielle Pursey enjoys using scientific investigative software to create an aesthetic, artistic outcome. She has recently incorporated lighting and interactive elements such as motion sensors within her work, with an aim to involving the public at a more intimate level.

She is currently an apprentice to local South West Wales potter Jane Malvisi and as a result, a jewellery collection has been developed which stems from previous project imagery on the theme of scientific exploration.

For a future project Danielle aims to show an innovative and surprising take on the study of the brain. She plans to develop the interactive element of her work, looking at different sensors and new technology she could incorporate, which would be fed by her research findings on how a person’s interactions with their surroundings manifest visually on the brain. Danielle likes the thought of a very intrinsic, objective investigative procedure of the brain transforming into a creative piece which is open for inventive thought and not closed by medical interpretation. She feels the reinterpretation of scientific investigative procedures within art practice, maintains this sense of mystery and awe as there is no definitive enquiry as found in the medical sector.

Danielle envisages creating an interactive piece that will engage the general public, uncovering and revealing exciting and beautiful imagery within her work in such a way it will have a sense of mystery and an enchanting element. She wants to invoke curiosity, make the viewer feel part of the discovery. In the near future, Danielle plans to collaborate with the education/ medical sector, bridging the gap between art and science. As a result, this may raise awareness of scientific breakthroughs in neurology and foster a keen interest in science for future generations.

Danielle has exhibited in the Mad Shop and National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, as well as being a visiting artist in hospital radiography departments and university labs.

Danielle currently lives in South West Wales, UK.