Yellow Fever 1865

In this work ‘Yellow Fever 1865’ (which has been exhibited in the Waterfront Museum, Swansea in November/December 2011) Danielle has used motion sensored lighting to enhance the imagery, revealing hidden elements, playing on the idea of the metaphysical. She likes the idea of representing the individual, in a clinical way so this led to her decision to use lit fabric areas- digital, devoré and pigment printed, each one of these areas representing a person who died from yellow fever in 1865. Lights fade in slowly once the motion sensor is activated by the viewer’s interaction, representing the spread of the disease at the Swansea location, transforming the fabric by revealing the concealed second layer. She has used a Water-jet cutter to engrave and cut mild steel which is on a laser engraved plywood background. The fabric is contained within the metal form representing the element of quarantine. She plans for the viewer to perceive the form as a map- like structure, implying a sense of location.